Welcome to Jtag-Arm9

What is this Jtag-Arm9 thing?

Jtag-Arm9 is a combination of software and hardware that I have put together in order to muck around on some boards which have a processor based around the ARM940 core. It was necessary to start from scratch as:

As I want my efforts to be available to the maximum number of people this project is licensed under the GPL. If there is good reason to suggest another (i.e. dual) license let me know....

What do I need to make use of Jtag-Arm9?

You'll need a board that has a suitable processor with a 20 way jtag header (you could adjust the design for 14way), a PC with a parallel port runing either full linux or windows/cygwin.

For full Linux I have been using the cross-arm tools from the Lart project (they provide prebuild binaries). For Windows/Cygwin I got some tools off the Cygwin sight.

You'll need to build up a JTAG interface (see hardware) or a Macraigor Wiggler.

The current source can be found on the projects sourceforge pages, here, or via CVS.

What can you do with it?

At present, with my board, I can flash it's LED and get serial output. What I would like to do is use this board to develop an ARM940 port of uClinux and just generally muck around. Hopefully I can prove the Linux is a suitable OS for this processor.

Heck, that's real cool. Can I help?

I hope so, drop me a email on simon@mungewell.tele2.co.uk with your ideas and comments.....

And finally....

Thanks goes out to SourceForge for being there to host this project

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